British Pain Society Guidance and COVID – 19 Update

Dear Patient

A large proportion of pain doctors are Anaesthetists who are still doing anaesthetic sessions and those who are doing full time Pain Medicine like myself and have an Anaesthetic back ground are still better skilled in managing acute emergencies than the average doctor. These skills and expertise are vital in supporting our colleagues in Intensive Care and Acute Medicine who are at the frontline in caring for seriously ill patients with Covid-19 and I am prepared to be redeployed wherever I am needed. I am committed to put aside my routine clinical work to deal with a situation which is turning out to be a global emergency. It is our responsibility to lookafter our patients as well as ourselves in these exceptional circumstances ensuring ofcourse that our patients are not inconvenienced. The British Pain Society has suggested;

a) Minimise face to face appointments except for urgent cases
b) To screen patients via telephone to rule out risk
c) Follow up appointments to be carried out via telephone or skype if possible
d) Where appropriate and possible prescriptions to be directed through the GP
e) All planned spinal injections to be cancelled
f) There is a suggestion that spinal steroid injections may reduce your immune status and therefore predispose you to increased risk of contracting Covid-19

I will carry out Pain Management clinics for as long as the situation permits and will discuss with you any upcoming procedures so that you have the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead. This may depend on private hospital’s capacity to provide facilities. I hope you understand that my priority currently is to the NHS. I will review the situation on a daily basis and the staff in the office will be available to assist you

With Kind Regards

Dr Victor Mendis

Some useful videos on self-management strategies for patients: