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Pain procedures are carried out as day cases, in an operating theatre environment under Xray guidance and intravenous sedation. The patient is monitored during the procedure and transferred to the recovery area initially. When fully recovered transferred to step down units or a private room and given a light meal.


For those who have other medical conditions, a preoperative assessment will be carried out by a nurse specialist a few days prior to the procedure. This is usually a telephone consultation. Patients on blood thinners must contact their hospital for advice on discontinuing these drugs and for bridging therapy.

Fasting Guidelines

All patients are expected to adhere to the strict starving protocols. Regardless of the nature of the procedure, one must refrain from solids for six hours prior to the procedure and allowed only clear fluids up-to two hours before the procedure.


When you are fit for discharge, please ensure you have someone to accompany you home and preferably stay with you overnight. It is recommended that you refrain from driving for 24 hours after any procedure that involves sedation. Patients are advised to take their normal analgesics after the procedure and continue for at least three to four days as the pain can sometimes get worse in the short term due to bruising of soft tissues around the injection site.


Getting back to normal activities is recommended as soon as possible. Physiotherapy and gentle exercises are recommended as soon as pain relief is achieved.